Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions about printing boxes.

Is there a minimum order for product boxes?

Yes & No. We can print you one or very few boxes for samples, but the cost those few boxes would most likely be higher than your product itself. A few samples custom boxes would range from $50 to $300. A short run custom box would need a minimum of 100-1000 custom boxes to make it cost efficient to use for the actual product.

How do I measure the length, width, and depth of my product box?

With the box open toward you, here's how to get the correct measurements for the inside of the box:

The length is measured from the left to right side of the box.

The width is measured from the front to the back side of the box.

The depth (or the Height) is measured from the top to the bottom part of the box.

How do I ensure my artwork fits correctly on my Custom Box?

We will provide you with a die-line and information as to how to place your artwork. We will double check to make sure your supplied artwork fits correctly on your Custom Box, and we can provide you with a proof for you to approve.

Is my artwork checked for errors and technical issues such as image resolution?

Yes, your artwork will be checked by one of our computer specialists for accuracy and quality. Any concern will be brought to your attention and you will be provided an opportunity to correct the problems before printing.