CBD and Cannabis Packaging

CBD and Cannabis are growing market with a lot of competition. TigerBoxes can help your products stand above the competition. Our creative design staff are standing by with a wide range of design, customization, and printing choices. Let us design a folding carton which will make your products stand out from the crowd in the crowded CBD and Cannabis industry.

TigerBoxes paperboard boxes can be uniquely created to fit any of your cannabis products. Our experienced in-house design team can make your custom printed packaging projects become a reality. TigerBoxes wants to ensure that you receive the highest quality products, great pricing, stand-out packaging, and top-of-the-line service. We are here to help you every step of the way. Make your products stand out on the dispensary shelves.

Why Use Folding Cartons?

Boxes are normally made of paperboard or corrugated paper which are both biodegradable and eco-friendly. Unlike plastic packaging, paperboard boxes are environmentally appealing and also serve multiple functions. They protect your product while the graphics on the outside of the box provide informational as well as cost-effective marketing options. An insert can enhance the security of fragile products. Most packaging suppliers prefer custom product boxes over other forms of plastic packaging. It is also important to note that customers like the easy open and close of a box instead of laminated pouches.

Let us help you design a custom full color box for all your retail packaging needs. We offer boxes made out of chipboard, paperboard, rigid boxes, kraft boxes, and just about anything needed to keep your product safe. All boxes are custom made in USA.

Types of CBD & Cannabis Product Packaging

TigerBoxes offers a wide range of packaging solutions for different kinds of CBD and Cannabis products. Whether you are looking for CBD oil boxes, concentrates boxes, Vape boxes, pre-rolls boxes, or hemp boxes, we can provide you with unbeatable packaging solutions for any of them.

TigerBoxes offer solutions for:

  1. Cannabis Packaging

  2. CBD Packaging

  3. CBD OIL Packaging

  4. Concentrate Packaging

  5. E-Cigarette Boxes

  6. E-Liquid Boxes

  7. Edible Boxes

  8. Essential Oil Boxes

  9. Hemp Boxes

  10. Pre Roll Boxes

  11. Vape Boxes

Our Customer care and expert packaging team is standing by to help you every step of the way!

We strive in customer service and our customer care team will assist you in every step from design to completion of your project. You can focus on running your business while we take care of your packaging needs. You can chat with one of our sales representatives, on tigerboxes.com, and they can answer all your questions, or help you place your order. Our team will work side by side from packaging design to final completion and safe delivery of your retail product boxes.

Compliance with FDA Standards

TigerBoxes can assist you to remain compliant when it comes to meet the drug packaging regulations set by the FDA. Consult with one of our sales associate to evaluate your needs and design a folding carton best suited to meet the regulation of your industry.

How Long does it take to manufacture CBD/Cannabis Boxes?

TigerBoxes offer the fastest turn time in short run packaging industry. Many of our competitors manufacture their products overseas in order to reduce cost. We manufacture all of our products in USA and this allows us to deliver your boxes on time and meet tight deadlines.

Materials, Inks and Finishes can make your Custom Box stand above the Rest

We offer HUV printing, CMYK Inks, AQ and UV coating, special finishes, die-cutting, hot and cold gluing, windowing, straight and right angle folding. We offer many different grades of substrates such as SBS, SUS, TMP, CCNB, CCKB, foil and Mylar laminated board in all calipers. One trusted source for all your printing & packaging needs since 1985. Women owned, ISO 9001 certified, with the latest in print technology. Call us today, we will be happy to assist in any way possible.

Green Cartons are better for environment! All of our cartons/boxes are recyclable!

Let us help you design an environmentally friendly folding cartons or boxes for your product. TigerBoxes team stands ready to work with you to produce a folding carton or a custom box that meets your product packaging requirements as well as your time table. Sustainable cannabis packaging is sweeping the cannabis industry! We recognize that sustainability is a key competitive advantage and is becoming increasingly important to achieve success in a global environment. We encourage sustainability at all levels of the organization, without compromising on quality. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of our operations. We do this through our equipment purchases, choice of materials used in production, and our standard operating procedures.