Custom Cosmetic Boxes

image of makeup tube box made by tigerboxes

“Judge the book by the cover!” is really true when it comes to cosmetic industry. The best way to distinguish your products and branding from the competitors is the graphics and styles of your product box. Cosmetic boxes play a significant role in customer impression of your products as well as your company as a whole. Beautiful packaging makes a big difference in this regard.

TigerBoxes produces packaging and folding cartons in a variety of materials and styles utilizing precise structural guidelines and attractive finishes to create the best product and enhance your brand. We offer FDA-certified materials for our medical and pharmaceutical cartons.

Cosmetic Carton

We are a large producer of packaging for the cosmetic industry and we will work to recommend styles and processes to best secure your product and meet your budget.

Medical Cartons

We offer FDA-certified paperboard, inks, and coatings for medical and pharmaceutical packaging. Available in small or large volumes to fit your needs, with technical and design support to meet your needs.

How Can I Make my Packaging stand above others?

We offer many choices for all your packaging solutions. Let us help you design a custom full color box for all your Cosmetic packaging needs. We can make boxes made out of chipboard, paperboard, rigid boxes, kraft boxes, and just about anything needed to keep your Cosmetic safe and attractive on the shelve. All boxes are custom made in USA.

TigerBoxes offers a wide variety of customization options for your entire product range. The shape of your box, the graphics on the outside, and the finishing touches can you’re your box stand-out above the rest. We can design different shapes, sizes, and styles according to your product specifications.

The retails packaging invite shoppers to have a more detailed glance at your product. The skincare product, eye makeup, nail care boxes, lip balm, and hair products' boxes are the most popular categories of cosmetic packaging boxes. Some cosmetic companies spend as much on packaging as they do in manufacturing their products. The margins in cosmetic industry is higher than average and creative boxes and packaging make a significant difference in the sale of your product. We can help you direct your message and attract the right audience and your targeted market.

Why Styles of boxes are best for Cosmetic Industry?

TigerBoxes has many solutions for a custom printed box for just about any of your Cosmetic Products! We have a unique solutions for eye shadow boxes, balm boxes, blush boxes, moisturizers and much more!

We cater to the printing requirements of thousands of satisfied clients in all sizes and levels of their business. Our high-tech digital and offset printing presses along with the latest packaging equipment ensure superior quality packaging Cosmetic boxes. We have produced many different styles of Cosmetic boxes, and can give you ideas for an attractive box design.

Custom box styles mostly used for cosmetics products

Seal End Folding Cartons/Boxes

Tuck Top Folding Cartons