Product Boxes

The style of the box for your product is as important as the graphics on the box which provides the first impression of what is inside. Different styles of boxes fit different applications. Depending on what your product is and the weight of it, you may have a couple of options to choose from. It is important that you choose a style which fits your product and provides the best experience for your customers.

We encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our packaging specialists, who can assist you with the style of a custom printed box which is best suited for your product.

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Create the ultimate retail display with luxurious product boxes. Look more stylish and professional with custom printed boxes.

On top of our standard customization options, we can also add premium features to your product boxes. Some of the special features:

Makes your logo, image, or brand name stand out by raising relief images and designs on your boxes.
Spot UV
Provides an eye-catching contrast to your design by applying a clear, shiny coating to specific areas.
Protective Coatings
Glossy aqueous coating, matte aqueous coating, high-gloss UV coating.
The material that keeps boxes looking premium, protected, and presentable.

Understanding & Choosing Your Box Type

TigerPress offers many different styles of product boxes. From soap boxes to custom gift boxes to custom product boxes, TigerPress can meet all of your customized cardboard box needs. Read about the different styles of printed product boxes we offer. Generally, Seal End Cartons, Tuck Top Cartons, Sleeves, Auto Bottom Cartons, and Two-Piece Cartons are the most common types of custom product boxes. Each custom box can be used for different applications, so find out which printed product box is best for you!

  • Seal End Folding Cartons/Boxes

    Seal End Folding Boxes/Cartons are side seamed boxes which are best for high-speed machine filling. This style is recommended for Cereal, Cookies, Frozen Meals, and many other high production products. An Auto Bottom can be added to this carton if you plan to hand fill your products.

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  • Tuck Top Folding Cartons

    Tuck Top Folding Cartons are the most common boxes in the market. You can choose from one of the following: Straight Tuck, Reverse Tuck, or a Tuck Top with an Auto Bottom style. Straight Tuck means that the flap on both end of the cartons is on the same side. A Reverse Tuck means the flap is on the opposite side. Tuck Style Cartons are used for personal care products, pet care, household products, beverages and much more.

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  • Sleeves

    Sleeves are open on both ends, and are designed to slide over your packaged product and leave the ends open. The Sleeves are normally used to go around packaged products to provide more information and/or branding.

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  • Auto Bottom Folding Cartons

    Auto Bottom Folding Cartons are boxes which the bottom forms automatically as you open the box. The top can be tuck top or seal end. This style of carton is best suited for hand packing the products as they form much faster and require less time for assembly

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  • Lock Bottom Folding Cartons

    Lock Bottom Folding Cartons are similar to Auto Bottom Cartons, but the bottom has to be assembled by hand. The flaps lock together to form a tight and durable bottom. These boxes are best suited for heavier products such as candles.

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  • Two-Piece Boxes

    Two-Piece Boxes have a bottom tray and a lid. The lid goes over the tray and makes a tight fit. These are durable boxes as they offer additional layers of walls around the product. They best suited for products which are used often and stay in the box. The box can easily be opened and closed. Applications for Two-Piece boxes include chocolate, Candy, board games, and cosmetics.

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  • No-Glue Cartons

    No-Glue Cartons are specially designed boxes which form into a box by locking the walls into the base, without using any side seam glue. These cartons are best for short run products and smaller quantities. They are not a good option for longer runs and/or higher production products.

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  • POP Display

    POP Display provides brand viability, accessibility, and improves the shopping experience for the potential customers. It serves both as a carton to hold your products and also a marketing tool to promote your products. POP Displays are often placed near the checkout register for easy grab by shoppers. This is one of the most underutilized tools in retail marketing.

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