Top Tuck Folding - Custom Box

Are you looking for a box that is durable and printed custom to promote your brand and display your product? Look no further than TigerBoxes straight tuck end folding cartons. This style has top and bottom closure panels all attached to the same body panel. These closures are located at the back of the box, and the design ensures no interference between the tuck and the file material. This is the perfect style for lightweight products and is a top choice in many industries.

Tuck Top Folding Cartons are the most commonly used boxes in the market. You can choose from Straight Tuck, Reverse Tuck, or a Tuck Top with an Auto Bottom style for your products.

Straight Tuck means that the flap on both end of the cartons are on the same side, as a Reverse Tuck means the flap is on the opposite side. Tuck Style Cartons are used for personal care products, Pet care, household products, beverages and much more.

Industries where this style is preferred :