Artwork Requirements

Supported Applications

All digital artwork should be submitted using one of the following applications:

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Quark XPress
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)

Application Settings

Files should be sized to the final page size of the project. You may select "readers spreads" to view your layout on screen, but please export single pages when creating a PDF. Be sure to properly configure the file for spot or process color, and include the supporting source files shown below. You may also want to visit our Tips and Tricks and Layout Guidelines pages for additional tips to prepare your file correctly.


The recommended photo resolution for offset production is 300dpi. Line art images should be 600dpi. There is no need to down-sample larger images unless they make it difficult for you to work with your document. TigerPress will flag any images under 200dpi for your review during the proofing process. Be sure to account for any scaling you apply in your layout application.

Color Management

Please see our section on Color Management

Supporting Documents

All supporting documents should be provided as follows:

Art - Vector art files should be saved as encapsulated postscript (.EPS) files. Any embedded fonts should be converted to paths and any embedded bitmap files should be CMYK. Be sure to reference correct Pantone colors in your file for spot color jobs.

Bit mapped Art - Bit mapped art files should be saved as .TIF or Photoshop .EPS files and may use LZW compression. Be sure to provide CMYK or Grayscale images. Duotones should reference the correct spot color. Avoid .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, .WMF, and .PICT files.

Fonts - Adobe Type I, TrueType or OpenType fonts may be used. Be sure to include both screen and printer fonts if using Type I. Avoid Multiple Master fonts if possible. Any fonts embedded in .EPS files should be converted to paths.

Other File Formats

We understand that other applications can be used to create digital artwork. Though we recommend using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress and Adobe Acrobat PDF for your files, TigerPress will attempt to support any other applications and file formats that you provide. Please be advised that additional charges may apply.