Custom Boxes for different industries

custom boxes for retail packaging

Retail Products

Retail boxes are one of the most important of promoting and selling of your products. A nice printed box, with creative graphic design catch the eye of shoppers. This is a great marketing tool which may turn browsers to customers in seconds. Your creative design and high-quality printing can make your product stand-out on the shelve.

food industry packaging

Food & Beverage Industry

TigerBoxes is the one stop source with over 35 years of printing experience to help you with your packaging needs. We offer beverage carriers, frozen food boxes, ice cream containers and just about any types of folding cartons for food and beverage industry.

cosmetic industry custom boxes


“Judge the book by the cover!” is really true when it comes to cosmetic industry. The best way to distinguish your products and branding from the competitors is the graphics and styles of your product box. Cosmetic boxes play a significant role in customer impression of your products as well as your company as a whole. Beautiful packaging makes a big difference in this regard.

cbd cannabis custom boxes

CBD/Cannabis Industry

CBD and Cannabis are growing market with a lot of competition. TigerBoxes can help your products stand above the competition. Our creative design staff are standing by with a wide range of design, customization, and printing choices. Let us design a folding carton which will make your products stand out from the crowd in the crowded CBD and Cannabis industry.

display custom box

Display Packaging

Display boxes are a great choice for packaging and also displaying of your product. We can customize your display box to any shape and size to make your products stand out on the shelves. The size can be customized to best fit your product, the display area, or both, with plenty of options for ensuring that your products are both well protected and well positioned to sell.